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Hyster-G is a powerful education kit to observe the magnetic hysteresis. While the low frequency power from a function generator guild to the Hyster-G to generator a magnetic field, the pickup coil and the integrator circuit well represent the magnetization induced by sample. We can easily see phenomena of hysteresis by connecting the device to the oscilloscope with xy mode. Professors or assistant teachers can easily use the device to show the difference of magnetic hysteresis between hard and soft magnetic materials.

Input voltage
AC 100/240V, 50/60 Hz
25 cm (W) x 8.5 cm (H) x 19 cm (D)
Equipped tested samples
Soft magnetic rod and hard magnetic wire
Required devices
Function generator and Oscilloscope
Ordering information:
Catalog Number Description Package Size
Hyster-G Hysteresis reader 30cm*25cm*22cm
  • Applications Content: 
    Observing the magnetic hysteresis curve including saturated magnetization, magnetic remanence and magnetic coercivity.
  • Applications Content: 
    Experimental course of basic physics or magnetic science.