MagQuan V

  • Magnetic Concentration Analyzer
  • Rapid: 30 seconds/sample
  • High reproducibility: CV%<1%
  • Versatility: covering solid and liquid sample
  • Easy to use and time-saving, no pretreatment required
  • Sample-saving: sample can be reused after measurement

Currently the instruments used to measure the magnetic concentration are either of vibration sample magnetometer, SQUID magnetometer, or inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer. However, these analyzers are very expensive and high maintenance costs. We specifically developed this Magnetic Concentration Analyzer (MagQuan V) to measure the magnetic concentration of samples within three minutes. MagQuan V is very suitable for material development and quality control.

Input voltage
AC 100 – 240 V/50-60 Hz
Field frequency
16~17 kHz
Field amplitude
< 50 Gauss
Sample volume capacity
≤ 5 ml
Concentration working range (Ferromagnetic materials specific)
≤ 10 g
(W) 36 cm (H) 17 cm (D) 22 cm
2.7 kg
Connection to the computer via USB cable, Operation software platform: Windows 7/Windows 10
Ordering information:
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MagQuan V Magnetic Concentration Analyzer
  • Applications Content: 
    Magnetic fluid quantification- magnetic beads for nucleic acid purification, magnetic drug carrier, magnetic fluid speaker, magnetic fluid art and creative products
  • Applications Content: 
    Industry- materials analysis for steelmaking and powder metallurgy
  • Applications Content: 
    Oil iron content- predictive maintenance
  • Applications Content: 
    Research use