IMR Assay

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We provide α-synuclein, total Tau, Aβ 1-42, Aβ 1-40 and other assay items. Our Technical advisors are available to discuss your specific needs and provide recommendations for your test objectives. To submit with your test samples, simply fill out the form below.

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  Sample Category

serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and other category.

  Sample Demand

▶ Test Items ( n )

n = 1,sample demand  0.5 ml up

n = 2,sample demand  1 ml up

n = 3,sample demand  1 ml up

n = 4,sample demand  1.5 ml up

n = 5,sample demand  2 ml up

  Sample Delivery/Laboratory Address

▶ After filling in the services application from, please contact us through following email for delivery your samples.

▶ Standard receiving hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  (Taiwan Standard Time)

▶ Samples should be secured to avoid breaks or leaks, and note the temperature control.

▶ Contact information:

Phone: +886-2-86671897  Fax: +886-2-86671809  Email:[email protected]

Address:3F, No.12, Ln. 538, Zhongzheng Rd., Xindian District, New Taipei City 23141, Taiwan  

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