About MagQu

Company profile

Since the start-up in 2008, MagQu has utilized her core technology, so-called ImmunoMagnetic Reduction (IMR), to develop dozens of products, such as in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) assay kits and analyzers for colorectal cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Down’s syndrome, preterm birth, inflammatory disease, grouper viruses etc. The R&D and manufacture of products have been certified with both ISO including 9001 and 13485, and GMP. In addition, the immunoassay analyzers have been approved as Class-I Medical Device by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), Ministry of Health and Welfare. Some of assay kits will be certificated with CE-IVD (2015) and TFDA (2016). We successfully made them on the shelf for life-science markets in China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, USA, UK, and Germany. Up to now, the authorized capital has been raised from 3 million to 1.5 hundred million TWD since 2008. With the bright achievements and impressive progresses, MagQu has been frequently awarded by Ministry of Economics, Council of Agriculture, and associations in Taiwan. MagQu is expected for colorectal cancer (Class II), Alzheimer’s disease (Class III) product marketing authorization of Health, Welfare Ministry in 2016. We also plan to start clinical trials of USA and Europe and place to set up branches, expanding in vitro diagnostic reagent market. During that time, MagQu has developed a grouper virus detection kit, and has been sold in the market. MagQu has initiated internal control/audit system, planning public offering of stock in 2016.


Core value

From Innovation into Practice

MagQu focuses on creating new technologies and novel products. To do this, MagQu forms an interdisciplinary R&D team, as well as cooperates with professional institutes or experts in the areas of bio-chemistry, protein, nanomaterials, magnetism, electric engineering, software programming, laboratory medicine, clinic medicine, aquaculture etc. So far, MagQu has created more than six innovative technologies and has made them commercialized. Through the marketing of these novel products, MagQu continuously increases its value, and keeps itself at the leading position in the relevant markets.


Service in Hearts

At MagQu, customers come first. Their satisfaction is our success, and we build deep relationships with our customers by solving their problems. We are proud and enthusiasm to supply unique magnetic analysis service.