“MagQu” TDP-43 Control Solution

  • Catalog No. CL-TDP-000T
  • Catalog No. CL-TDP-001T
  • Low & high concentration TDP-43 Control Solution
  • Standard control for “MagQu” TDP-43 IMR Reagent (MF-TDP-0060)

Intended Use

“MagQu” TDP-43 Control Solution is used as a standard control for “MagQu” TDP-43 IMR Reagent (MF-TDP-0060).


The TAR DNA binding protein of 43 kDa (TDP-43) is a ubiquitously expressed nuclear protein with roles in transcription and splicing regulation. A hyper-phosphorylated, ubiquitinated and cleaved form of TDP-43, known as pathologic TDP-43 is the major disease protein in ubiquitin-positive, tau and α-synuclein-negative frontotemporal dementia (FTLD-TDP, previously referred to as FTLD-U) and in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Evidences indicates that TDP-43 can be detected in human plasma and CSF and levels are reportedly elevated in cases of ALS, FTLD and Alzheimer’s disease. 1,2

Principle of Test

TDP-43 Control Solution is used as a standard control for “MagQu” TDP-43 IMR Reagent (MF-TDP-0060). The antibody conjugated on the surface of Fe3O4 magnetic particles (~ 50 nm) could bind with TDP-43 and form clusters. With the increase of cluster, the signal of ac susceptibility ( χac ) will decrease in the applied ac magnetic field. That is the principle of Immuno Magnetic Reduction (IMR). By measuring the reduction of χac, we can quantify the TDP-43 in the sample easily and accurately.3


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2. Feneberg, E., Gray, E., Ansorge, O., Talbot, K., & Turner, M. R. (2018). Towards a TDP-43-Based Biomarker for ALS and FTLD. Molecular neurobiology, 55(10), 7789-7801.

3. Che-Chuan Yang, Shieh-Yueh Yang, Jen-Jie Chieh, Herng-Er Horng, Chin-Yih Hong, Hong-Chang Yang, K. H. Chen, B. Y. Shih, Ta-Fu Chen, and Ming-Jang Chiu, “Biofunctionalized magnetic nanoparticles for specifically detecting biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease in vitro”, ACS Chem. Neurosci. 2, 500 (2011).

pH-value at 20℃ (68 °F)
Storage temp
Shipped at 4°C. Store at -15°C~-30°C
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CL-TDP-000T Concentration L, CE-IVD 1 mL (16 tests)
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CL-TDP-000TR Concentration L, For Research Use Only 1 mL (16 tests)
CL-TDP-001TR Concentration H, For Research Use Only 1 mL (16 tests)
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    Standard control for “MagQu” TDP-43 IMR Reagent (MF-TDP-0060).