Qbeads-Protein A

  • Catalog No. MF-PRA-3000
  • Using magnetic separation for immunoprecipitation, chromatin IP (ChIP), pull-down assay and purification of IgG (antibody).
  • High specificity and low back ground
  • Fast operation without centrifugation
  • Good magnetism and high hydrophilic
  • Low usage dose when immunoprecipitating rare endogenous proteins

Qbeads-Protein A is designed as a rapid and simple tool or immunoprecipitation, purification/ depletion assays, and other magnetic separation applications. Antibody can easily bind to the Qbeads due to its’ high affinity with protein A. Via the antibody specific binding ability, the target protein along with Qbeads-Protein A could be temporarily immobilized at tube wall, so the other parts in the supernatant can be removed easily and efficiently under magnetic attraction.


Binding Characteristic:

The binding strength of Qbeads-Protein A to different immunoglobulins is listed as below:

                             Table 1. Binding strength of Qbeads-Protein A

Species Binding strength
Human IgG (normal) ++++
Mouse IgG1
Rat IgG1
Goat IgG +/-
Rabbit IgG ++++
Chicken IgG - 


Iron Oxide (Fe3O4)
Functional group
Protein A
Mean Diameter of Particles
~1 μm
Storage Buffer
pH 7.4 PBS, 0.02% Tween 20 and 0.09% sodium azide.
Storage temp.
2 ~ 8 ℃
260 ug human IgG/1 ml
Ordering information:
Catalog Number Description Package Size
MF-PRA-3000-2ML - 1 mL x 2
MF-PRA-3000-5ML - 1 mL x 5
MF- PRA-3000-10ML - 1 mL x 10