Privacy Agreement

First, awareness and acceptance of the terms
Please read the terms of service All content, when you click "I agree" button, and the registration is completed or started using this service, you are deemed to have read, understood the Terms of Service and agree to abide by the following terms of service agreement . The Company reserves the right at any time to modify or change the terms of the contents of this service, we recommend that you pay attention to such amendments or changes. Your continued use of the Service after any changes, you are deemed to agree to modify or change the terms of service. If you do not agree to the terms of service, or the country or region you belong to exclude all or part of the contents of this Terms of Service, you should immediately stop using the service.

Second, the real login obligations:
Based on the various services provided by the Company, you agree to when you sign up for registration in accordance with the procedures of the project prompted to log yourself correct, true and complete personal information. When there is movement in your profile, please update immediately, in order to maintain your personal information correct, true and complete. When you log Ruoyin inaccurate information or fraudulent use of the name of others, so that the violation of the rights of others or illegal, should assume legal liability; if you provide any errors or inaccurate information, the Company has the right to suspend or terminate your account, and refuse to use all or part of the Service.

Third, Privacy Policy
1. The Company will protect the privacy of each and every member, including application account information and other personal information, except possibly involved in illegal, tort, or breach of the terms of use, or with his consent outside, this service will not pay personal data The third person to non-affiliates of the Company.
2. Under the following circumstances, the Company may provide your personal view or telecommunications or related information to the competent authorities, or to assert their rights infringement and propose appropriate proof of the third person:
(1) Decree law, or in accordance with a judicial or other authority of command;
(2) to enforce the terms of the use, or the user violates the terms of use;
(3) To protect the legitimate rights and interests of Member Services security or operator of the system;
(4) to protect the legitimate rights and interests of other users or other third party;
(5) to maintain the normal operation of member services system.

Fourth, Member account, password and security
Once you have completed the registration process of the Service, please memorize own password and account, and to maintain the confidentiality of security. If not jeopardize the confidentiality of violations of the company and its employees due to factors of which occurred, you should self-responsibility, not involved with the company. And you agree that your password or account number has been stolen or have any other security problem occurs, you will immediately notify the Company; and at the completion of each connection are indeed sign out, ending the use of your account.

Fifth, the user compliance obligations and commitments
1. This service may not be any non-commercial activity of the Company. 2. You are required to comply with the agreement in addition to the terms of services, and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the company's service business, relevant laws and standards, Internet use practices and the relevant provisions of international courtesy of, and does not engage in the following behavior
(1) intent to destroy, the invasion of the company servers and websites; or use a plug-in, use or modify the program vulnerabilities invasion member database; spreading computer virus programs and steal, alter, destroy our website or others, such as the actors Information violations .
(2) the use of, or under the guise of the company's Web site posted, transmitted, or transmit any defamatory, fraudulent, injury, obscene, pornographic, gambling, etc. all in violation of the Act or any e-mail or other intellectual property infringement of the rights of the data, files or information.
(3) without the consent of others collect email addresses and other personal information.
(4) without the prior permission excerpt or use all or any part of the contents of the database within the Member Services.
Violation of the general operation of the system or network courtesy of (5) damage or interfere with membership services.
(6) into the unauthorized member service system or the network associated with the system, or the impersonation account.
(7) obstruct or interfere with any other user from using membership service behavior.
(8) any theft of services through improper piping Member Member account, password, or acts of access rights.
(9) other acts inconsistent with the intended use of the members of the services provided.

6, the product purchase:
1. the Company's website to purchase the product, are required to have a membership to the Service.
2. The Company has the right to cancel your order.
3. The price of the publication of this website, or if an error significantly and market realities discrepancies occur, the price may at any time amend, modify the order and inform subscribers. Users have the right to cancel or amend the order sum. However, users can not request any compensation or damages.
4. The Service reserves the right to modify the contents of promotional activities, the price and gifts, please feel free to note the contents of the user of this website.
5. Any damage of the information you fill in the product if the issues are not really paying, transportation, etc., caused by it, you have to completely bear, for any reason to claim compensation.
6. This service does not bear any responsibility for your use of products, sales of commercial interests and issues such as the applicability of.

Seven Disclaimer
You expressly understand and agree that the Service any express or implied warranties are not available. You shall not require compensation or damages.
This service does not guarantee the following:
1. The service will be fully compliant with your needs
2. The sale of products and services are completely in line with your needs or your expectations
3. The service uninterrupted, timely, secure or free from error
4. Results from the use of this service and get it as correct or reliable
5. This service due to software and hardware equipment relocation, replacement, upgrades, maintenance or repair; factors of a natural disaster or other force majeure or other services not attributable to the Company, subject due to the circumstances of the stop or interruption. Inconvenience or any direct or indirect damages resulting from your use.

Eight members conduct
Where publicly posted or privately transmitted by the member information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other information provided by those responsible accountable. The Company can not control and do not guarantee its accuracy, integrity or quality is not responsible for their.

Nine, intellectual property rights:
All books and materials on this website, copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, other intellectual property rights or other rights of ownership, are the company or person whose rights belong to all, without lawful authority Wei Chen funded through foreign Users are not allowed to reproduce, transmit, convert, edit, or in any other form or for any purpose, the offender shall bear the relevant legal responsibility.

Ten, termination of service
1. Based on the Company's operations, member services possible to stop all or part of the service provided, not the other individual to notify the user, the user can not be here asking for any compensation or compensation. 2. If you violate the terms of service, the Company reserves the right to temporarily stop providing services, or terminate the provision of services, in order that you may not require any compensation or compensation.

XI, updating and modifying the terms of service:
The Service reserves the future to add, modify, or all or part of the Service's right to delete, without prior notice to individual users, not the user in order to require any compensation or damages.

Twelve, applicable law and the jurisdiction of the Court
Interpretation and application of the terms of service, as well as the related disputes should be dealt with in accordance with ROC law, and in New Taipei's Xindian District Court for the jurisdiction of the courts of first instance.