• Catalog No. MF-NHH-3000
  • Qbeads with amine (-NH2) functional groups on the surface.
  • Conjugation of molecules on Qbeads through the amine (-NH2) group on the beads
  • Fast operation without centrifugation
  • Good magnetism and high hydrophilic

Qbeads-Amine is magnetic bead with surface functional group -NH2. The magnetic beads consist of Fe3O4 magnetic sphere core and being coated with dextran. Through chemical modification of dextran, the primary amino group (-NH2) are joined to the magnetic beads through a short hydrophilic linker. The hydrophilic surface ensures the magnetic beads excellent dispersion ability and easy handling property in a wide variety of buffers.

The magnetic beads with surface-reactive amino groups allow immobilization of ligands such as proteins, peptides, carbohydrates or other target specific molecules.

Iron Oxide (Fe3O4)
Functional group
primary amino group (-NH2)
Mean Diameter of Particles
~1 um
Storage Buffer
PBS pH-7.4 with 0.09% Sodium Azide and 0.02% Tween-20
Storage temp.
2 ~ 8 ℃
Ligand density
50 mM
Ordering information:
Catalog Number Description Package Size
MF-NHH-3000-2ML - 1 mL x 2
MF-NHH-3000-5ML - 1 mL x 5
MF-NHH-3000-10ML - 1 mL x 10