• Temperature dependent AC susceptibility reader
  • Clear phenomena of magnetic phase transition.
  • Vacuum pump, liquid nitrogen experimental skills needed.

Some Magnetic moments are permanent dipole moments within the atom which originate from electrons' angular momentum and spin. Those materials have different structures of intrinsic magnetic moments that depend on temperature. At a material's Curie temperature those intrinsic magnetic moments change direction. Thus, Curie temperature is a physics property of a magnetic material. MagCryo is a educational kit to students for learning the Curie-Weiss law and the working function of RTDs.

Temperature range
Frequency response
10k – 25k Hz
Magnetic field response
10m -200m Gauss
38cm (W) x 62 cm (H) x 13 cm (D)
Equipped tested samples
NiCr alloy
Required devices
Function generator, resistance meter and Oscilloscope
Ordering information:
Catalog Number Description Package Size
MagCryo Tc & Xac reader 53cm*35cm*24cm
  • Applications Content: 
    Observing the phase transition from paramagnetism to ferromagnetism.
  • Applications Content: 
    Learning experimental skills with low temperature, vacuum, and AC magnetic signal detection.